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Personal & Business Financial Consulting & Succession Planning

What is Financial Consulting?

It is a service that should be provided by a Certified Financial Planner professional™ (CFP®) to businesses & individual clients where a professional opinion is required to develop a financial plan or make important financial decisions.  The role of the consultant is to assist in developing a plan, reviewing the proposed plan and identifying its strengths and weaknesses over a span of time.  This type of work requires a background in accounting, finance, insurance and business management. 

Unlike most CPA firms, at Chouinard, Massie & Reilly CPAs, PLLC we are able to offer professional opinions in the area of finance, insurance, business management & tax; we are unique.  We possess the necessary professional background, education and required credentials needed to be your Financial Consultant.  We will assist you in establishing goals, developing a plan, implementing and monitoring the plan making any necessary changes that may be needed along the way.

Charles Massie is a Certified Financial Planner professional™ and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who also holds his Florida Investment licenses 66 & 7 along with the Florida life & health insurance license. 

Barbara Reilly is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who holds a Florida life & health insurance license.  She was also a former Allstate Insurance Agent for 10 years which required her to possess the Florida Property & Casualty insurance license (auto, home, boat, commercial, umbrella, etc).

We provide financial direction for both businesses and individuals; we want to be an Investment to your financial success not just your tax preparer.  We offer an exceptional array of services that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Give us the opportunity to discuss the possibilities!

Massie & Reilly CPAs, PLLC offers:

  • Individual & Business Financial Consulting – setting & monitoring goals keeping taxes and protection from Creditors in mind

  • Business Succession Planning – how will your business pass on after your disability, retirement or demise?

  • Insurance Planning – Life, Disability, Long Term Care (Protection of Assets through insurance)

  • Divorce Settlement Planning – (QDROs, Payor Protection, dependents & taxes, etc)

  • Tax Planning – paying as little as necessary to the IRS & keeping more in your account

  • Investment Planning – Securities, ETFs, Annuities, 401-ks, IRAs keeping taxes in mind

  • Retirement/Distribution Planning – saving for retirement & then paying as little tax as necessary when you need to take it out for retirement

  • Estate Planning – preserving Assets for spouses, heirs or charities not the IRS

If you are located in the Fort Myers area, and would like to learn more about OUR FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES, call us at (239) 333-2526 or CONTACT US

Securities offered through Peak Brokerage Services, LLC member FINRA and SIPC. Investment Advisory Services offered through Blackridge Asset Management, LLC a SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Peak Brokerage Services, LLC and Blackridge Asset Management are separate entities. To view the firm’s REGULATION BEST INTEREST (“REG BI”) DISCLOSURE and CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP SUMMARY “FORM CRS” please use the provided links.

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